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  • AudioFog - Reverb Aged to Perfection

AudioFog - Reverb Aged to Perfection

Reverb Aged to Perfection

AudioFog is a Max VG line that's available in 145ml bottles.

{ Aged to Perfection }

As a vaper, there are few things better than cracking open a brand new bottle of your favorite liquid.  One of the aforementioned "better" things is finding a bottle that you forgot you had tucked away in the back of your juice stash.  Apart from the excitement of discovering forgotten treasures, you are also bestowed with a beautifully aged vaping experience.  Well, we took out the middle man and have taken the liberty of forgetting your juice for you!  We've taken our expertly crafted strawberry fruit chew flavor and set it in a dark corner of our facility to steep in peace.  The result is your ability to get a brand new bottle of Reverb that has been aged to perfection.  We've painstakingly crafted and bottled time, and it's delicious!  Enjoy!

Due to personal tastes and preferences we are unable to offer returns, refunds, or exchanges for e-liquid products. All e-liquid purchases are final.

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