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  • Cereal Bests Combo Pack

Cereal Bests Combo Pack


Cereal Bests Combo Pack

Get 1 x 60ml of Belated Breakfast and 1 x 145ml of AudioFog Flux

(205ml total = 1 x 145ml of Flux and 1 x 60ml of Belated Breakfast)


Belated Breakfast by Vaping Collective

Researchers say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes, though, you're lucky if you manage to get matching shoes on your feet as you scramble to get out of the house. It is in these rushed moments that we strip our breakfast down to the bare essentials...dry cereal thrown hastily into a plastic baggy for a quick getaway. We can't capture the frantic emotions in a bottle, but we can certainly deliver that delicious, dry cereal fruity goodness. Go ahead, grab two sneakers that vaguely resemble each other and try to enjoy your Belated Breakfast on the run. 

Belated Breakfast is available in 60ml packaged in a nifty box.



(Cereal Milk)

In a maelstrom of cereal flavors, we offer a slightly different approach. This deliciously creamy vape represents the remnants after all of the trix have been consumed. Cereal lovers rejoice, all day breakfast has arrived!


Available in 145ml Bottle.