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  • Waffle Drops Combo Pack

Waffle Drops Combo Pack

60ml Glass Bottle of each flavor from Waffle Drops Line

PB Waffle Cone - Peanut Butter Waffle Cone

Do you order your ice cream in a white paper cup to neatly enjoy with a spoon and napkin in hand?  If so, please turn away.  This message doesn’t concern you.  Still intrigued?  Good.  This flavor drops a single scoop of the finest, creamiest vanilla ice cream in the world into a golden brown waffle cone.  Why vanilla ice cream?  Because the ice cream is just a pre-game for the crispy, crunchy, slightly sticky main event.  Top it all off with a light dribble of a sweet peanut butter sauce and we’re in business.  Take the hands-on approach and get messy.  If ice cream was meant to be neat and clean, it wouldn’t melt.

BB Waffle - Blueberry Waffle

There are two types of “waffle” people in this world.  The first type longs for the taste of freshly mixed batter dropped into a waffle iron and cooked to a golden brown.  They love the bready taste accented by golden pads of butter and a slight drizzle of syrup.  Then there’s the second group…the mentalists.  This group wants to push the limits, and their culinary skills, as soon as their feet hit the floor.  They believe in complex layering to create an experience instead of a meal.  This Blueberry Waffle comes from the second group.  We start with a golden waffle and a slight smearing of butter.  Next, a small handful of blueberries steeped in a simple syrup.  Then comes a coating of fluffy whipped cream topped with copious amounts of delectable blueberry syrup.  We invite you to close your eyes and savor every bite.